State approves affordable housing project in downtown Stockton

Eden Cafe, November 2012.

Rose Street, July 2012.

Harding Way, May 2013.

Channel Street, April 2014.

knightlybaker said: I'm a 3rd generation Stockton native, living far away from home in Arizona. First off, major love for your blog because it allows me to keep my beautiful home town in my mind anytime I miss it through your photographs. Secondly, I'm in hopes you may take a second and review some of my latest posts of my own work, including one photo of the marina area. This spot as down by Bob's at the Marina (my required place to eat each time I'm in town). Thank you and best if luck in your future photography.

Wow, thanks so much for the message and the kind words. Love your view of Fourteen Mile Slough—it’s a beautiful area.

Thanks again for getting in touch, this means a lot.

View from San Joaquin Street, March 2013.

Trinity Parkway, October 2011.

Congressman Jerry McNerney and wife Mary McNerney, February 2014.

Anonymous said: ever consider publishing a book?

Yes, I would love to. I’ve considered self-publishing a small run to gauge interest.