View from San Joaquin Street, March 2013.

Trinity Parkway, October 2011.

Congressman Jerry McNerney and wife Mary McNerney, February 2014.

Anonymous said: ever consider publishing a book?

Yes, I would love to. I’ve considered self-publishing a small run to gauge interest.


Black Panther Central Headquarters

1046-48 Peralta Street

Owner: Richard Woelffel

Architect: John Ziegenbein

Year: 1876

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bellanoodle said: I just want you to know I love seeing these pictures. It brings me back to my childhood and really proves that there is beauty everywhere, so thank you

Empresso Coffeehouse, December 2012.

Empresso Coffeehouse, December 2012.

Lincoln Street, November 2012.

I-5, September 2012.