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982 18th Street

Owner: Andrew Young

Year: 1876-77

The original owner of this Italianate style home in West Oakland’s Oak Center neighborhood was Andrew Young. Young had a restaurant in San Francisco called “The Arcade” with his business partner Macauley. At the time, this neighborhood in West Oakland was an ideal suburban location for commuters to San Francisco because of its proximity to the transbay ferries. Recently, there has been an influx of new residents to this and other southern areas of West Oakland because of its proximity to the last BART stop out of Oakland before going under the water and into San Francisco.

Later on, from 1907-1943, the home was owned and lived in by Hermann Sadler. Sadler is listed as a salesman and rancher at different times in his life. He also managed the Hawthorne Dwellings, an apartment complex located at 1406 Euclid Ave in Berkeley. Hermann moved to Oakland soon after the earthquake in 1906 from his home on Van Ness Ave in San Francisco, that was likely destroyed.

Sadler was involved in a catastrophic car crash in 1910. While driving with his mother, another man, and Florence Pardee, daughter of Dr. George C. Pardee the former governor of California and owner of the famous Pardee Mansion in Oakland, in a hilly area around Marin County’s Corte Madera he lost control of the vehicle and they went over an embankment. All four of the passengers were pinned under the vehicle and Miss Pardee was pronounced dead on the scene. To add to the scandal, Sadler’s mother alluded to a secret engagement between the two, that Hermann denied when interviewed for an article in the San Francisco Call. The accident, according to Mrs. Sadler, could have been avoided if only she had urged Miss Pardee to sit in the front seat next to Hermann. Allegedly, Pardee ditracted the driver while on a particularly curvy road. Hermann claimed to have been traveling very slowly, “between six and eight miles and hour.”

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