A Former Neighbor on Rose Street, April 2013.

Human Services Building on Washington Street, March 2013.

Apartments on Bianchi Road, October 2013.

Friends on Center and Rose Street, March 2013.

nightelfdruid asked: Your blog unleashed a newfound appreciation for this city. This is just a reminder that this place isn't all that bad. Thank you.

It’s always nice to receive these sorts of messages. Thanks for reaching out!

Dave Brubeck on Main Street, November 2013.

Weber Street, January 2011.

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say thanks. Currently studying abroad, and often homesick, this blog is just what I needed.

I’m happy that these photos make you think fondly of home. Good luck with your studies and enjoy your time abroad! Thanks for the message.

Main Street, April 2011.

Suffered third Instagram identity crisis, made this as an alternative. iPhone photo receptacle.